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Agile Development - The customer in site role

Hi, in this post I’ll write about the confusion that many agile teams are doing about the role of Customers and Product Owners. I hope that you enjoy.
Let’s to the work…
In the Agile Development we see the Customer role are the principle business owner. Well, and where stays the Product Owner role ?
As you can see, this roles cause confusion in agile teams beginners, because it is difficult to distinguish to what extent do each role.
Therefore, I’ll try to show the main differences between the role of Customer and Product Owner role.
Below is a brief description of the differences:
The Customer (in site) Role:
  1. Focus on the vision of the product
  2. Helps the team to build the product vision
  3. Participates in frequent deliveries
and more…
The Product Owner:
  1. Maintain the vision of the product
  2. Promote the vision
  3. Responsible of the requisites and documents
  4. Participates in frequent deliveries with their ideas
  5. They can be a Product Manager
and more…
Well, As you can see the papers often seem confusing, but in their essence they are totally different.

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